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Quiz : verbes irréguliers anglais (au prétérit)

Publié le 13/11/2023
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Ce quiz d’anglais porte les verbes irréguliers au prétérit en anglais. On vous présente 30 phrases, à vous de conjuguer les verbes au prétérit !

Quiz : verbes irréguliers anglais (au prétérit)

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N'écrivez que le verbe.

A situation (arise) that required immediate attention.

It (be) a beautiful day yesterday.

The concert (begin) promptly at 7 PM last night.

A strong gust of wind (blow) the leaves off the trees yesterday.

They (build) a new house last year.

He (cut) his finger while chopping vegetables.

What (do) you do yesterday?

We (eat) dinner at our favorite restaurant last night.

She (fall) off her bike but thankfully wasn't hurt.

In a fit of anger, he (fling) the papers across the room.

I (get) a promotion at work last month.

She (grind) the coffee beans before brewing a fresh pot.

She (hang) the painting on the wall yesterday.

He (hold) the door open for her as she entered the room.

He (kneel) down to propose to her last night.

The athlete (leap) over the hurdle and won the race.

He (light) the candles on the birthday cake, and we sang together.

He (mow) the lawn yesterday afternoon.

The environmental impact was partially (offset) by the use of renewable energy sources.

She (plead) with the judge for leniency during the trial.

We (ride) our bikes along the scenic trail last weekend.

Yesterday, I (see) a beautiful rainbow after the rain.

He (show) us his impressive collection of antique coins yesterday.

The car (speed) down the highway, reaching a top speed of 120 miles per hour.

Mrs. Johnson (teach) English at the high school for over twenty years.

The book was (typeset) and ready for printing last week.

She (undergo) surgery last month to address the medical issue.

She (weep) uncontrollably after hearing the sad news.

She (withdraw) money from the ATM before heading to the market.

I (write) a letter yesterday.


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