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Quiz vocabulaire anglais : les sentiments

Publié le 20/11/2023
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Ce quiz de vocabulaire anglais vous interroge sur les sentiments. Il vous permettra d’évaluer vos connaissances et d’améliorer votre anglais. À vous de jouer !

Quiz vocabulaire anglais : les sentiments

#1. Effrayé :

  • Terrified: The loud noise left him terrified and shaking.
  • Afraid: She was afraid of the dark and always carried a flashlight.
  • Frightened: The sudden appearance of the shadow in the alley frightened the children.

#2. insouciant :

  • Carefree: Spending a day at the beach, they were carefree and enjoying every moment.
  • Heedless: His heedless attitude towards deadlines often got him into trouble.
  • Happy-go-lucky: With a happy-go-lucky attitude, he faced life’s challenges with a smile.
  • Airy (désinvolte) : Her airy response to the criticism surprised everyone.

#3. Détendu :

  • Relaxed: After a long day, he sat in the comfortable chair and felt completely relaxed.
  • Calm: Despite the chaos around them, she remained calm and collected.
  • Cool

#4. Compatissant :

  • Compassionate: The compassionate nurse comforted the grieving family.
  • Sympathetic: His sympathetic words provided solace during the difficult times.

#5. Euphorique :

  • Euphoric: Winning the championship left the team feeling euphoric.
  • Overjoyed: She was overjoyed when she received the news of her promotion.

#6. Content :

  • Happy: The children’s laughter filled the house, creating a happy atmosphere.
  • Pleased: The chef was pleased with the positive reviews of his new dish.
  • Glad: I’m glad to see you after such a long time.

#7. Serein :

  • Relaxed: Despite the impending deadline, she appeared relaxed and composed.
  • Calm: The meditation session helped him achieve a state of inner calm.
  • Serene (littéraire): The garden had a serene atmosphere, perfect for meditation.
  • Unchilled (impassible): He remained unchilled even in the face of unexpected challenges.

#8. Mal à l’aise :

  • Uncomfortable: The awkward silence made everyone in the room feel uncomfortable.
  • Ill at ease: She was ill at ease in the formal setting, preferring a more casual environment.

#9. Circonspect :

  • Circumspect: Being circumspect in his decisions, he carefully weighed the pros and cons.
  • Cautious: The hiker was cautious while navigating the slippery mountain trail.
  • Prudent: A prudent investor carefully considers potential risks before making decisions.
  • Wary (méfiant): The cat was wary of the new dog in the house.
  • Guarded (prudent): His guarded responses indicated a lack of trust in the situation.

#10. Indécis :

  • Indecisive: Unable to choose between the two options, she remained indecisive.
  • Hesitant: He was hesitant to commit to the project without more information.

#11. Envieux :

  • Envious: She couldn’t help but feel envious of her friend’s success.
  • Jealous: His jealous nature often strained relationships with others.

#12. Anxieux :

  • Anxious: The upcoming exam made her feel anxious and restless.
  • Apprehensive: He was apprehensive about the outcome of the important meeting.
  • Uneasy: The uneasy feeling in the room suggested tension among the participants.

#13. En colère :

  • Angry: His angry outburst startled everyone in the room.
  • Mad (US): She was mad when she discovered her phone was missing.
  • Cross (UK, contrarié): His cross expression indicated frustration with the situation.

#14. Désabusé :

  • Disillusioned: After the promising start-up failed, he became disillusioned with entrepreneurship.
  • Disappointed: The team was disappointed with their performance in the tournament.

#15. Motivé :

  • Keen: He was keen on learning new skills to advance in his career.
  • Eager: The students were eager to participate in the science fair.
  • Motivated : Despite the challenges, she remained motivated to achieve her goals.

#16. Mélancolique :

  • Melancholic: The melancholic melody brought tears to her eyes.
  • Melancholy: The deserted town had a melancholy atmosphere, filled with memories.
  • Wistful: As the old friends reminisced, a wistful smile crossed their faces.
  • Sad: The news of the loss left everyone feeling sad.

#17. Agacé :

  • Irritated: The constant noise from construction work irritated the residents.
  • Annoyed: He was annoyed by the repetitive questions during the meeting.
  • Flustered: The unexpected question left her flustered and searching for an answer.
  • Worked up (inf.): Don’t get worked up over minor issues !

#18. Découragé :

  • Discouraged: Despite numerous rejections, he refused to be discouraged.
  • Disheartened: The continuous setbacks left her feeling disheartened.
  • Dispirited: The team appeared dispirited after the defeat.
  • Despondent (déprimé, abattu) : Despite his efforts, the repeated failures in his career left him feeling despondent.

#19. Soucieux :

  • Worried: The worried parents waited for news of their missing child.
  • Concerned: She was concerned about the environmental impact of the project.
  • Anxious: The anxious student nervously awaited the announcement of exam results, fearing the possibility of not meeting expectations.

#20. Impressionné :

  • Impressed: The intricate artwork impressed the art critics.
  • Amazed: The breathtaking view from the mountaintop left everyone amazed.
  • Awestruck: The grandeur of the cathedral left visitors awestruck.
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